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Ink for Ava – Part 1

While I am not going to go into the whole story in great detail, I will follow up this¬†blog about my sister’s pregnancy with the news that my little niece, Ava, did not survive the pregnancy. Twenty-Eight weeks into her pregnancy my sister and her husband learned that Ava had passed away in the womb. The days that followed have been the most devasting of my life. We are all grieving, we are all supporting each other, some days are easy, some are hard.

One thing is true. We loved Ava. All 1lb 14oz of her. We will never forget her. Though she never took a breath – she has touched many lives.

My mother and my brother-in-law’s father both decided to honor Ava in a very special way. Our angel baby may be gone but she will never be forgotten. As a friend of mine said to me just yesterday – the best reason to get a tattoo is to always remember.¬†

The first is my mom’s tattoo. She had it put on the inside of her right forearm. The second is my sister’s father-in-law. He had his tattoo placed on his left shoulder. Quite a way to always remember their granddaughter.



Wait for Part 2 of this post. The tattoos will continue with my dad’s and my brother-in-law’s.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, love, and support.


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