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Shortly after Sophia was born…and I say shortly because I cannot remember quite how long it had been…my husband and I were laying around and talking about love. How we love each other, how we love Sophie, and how interesting it is that you can love something so much and love something just as much but in such a different way. I have been thinking about this a lot lately because soon we will have another child to love and everyone tells me the same thing – the amount of love is the same but the love is still different.

Sitting here now, thinking back on that day and our deep discussion, I cannot help but smile. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, was attempting to describe to me the difference between me and Sophie. If you know my husband then you know that it usually comes down to food…and this time was not different. I think I heard the little lightbulb spark over his head before he said, “Babe,¬†you are like Filet Mignon. But Sophie…Sophie is Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon.”

And there you have it. How I rate.


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