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Shortly after Sophia was born…and I say shortly because I cannot remember quite how long it had been…my husband and I were laying around and talking about love. How we love each other, how we love Sophie, and how interesting it is that you can love something so much and love something just as much but in such a different way. I have been thinking about this a lot lately because soon we will have another child to love and everyone tells me the same thing – the amount of love is the same but the love is still different.

Sitting here now, thinking back on that day and our deep discussion, I cannot help but smile. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, was attempting to describe to me the difference between me and Sophie. If you know my husband then you know that it usually comes down to food…and this time was not different. I think I heard the little lightbulb spark over his head before he said, “Babe, you are like Filet Mignon. But Sophie…Sophie is Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon.”

And there you have it. How I rate.


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  1. I work outside the home.
  2. My child spends all day in daycare.
  3. I only nursed her until she was 3 months old.
  4. My husband cooks dinner most nights.
  5. I have been known to leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
  6. There is always, at least, one basket of unfolded laundry somewhere in my home.
  7. I hire a cleaning lady.
  8. I don’t own an a string of pearls or an apron.
  9. Sometimes, *gasp*, I don’t wear makeup all day.
  10. None of the above were listed in any special order.

I have decided that I would rather play with my child than do the dishes, fold laundry, or clean. So this means that by the time her bedtime comes around there are household chores left undone. Then, once my child goes to sleep, I like to actually spend time with my husband. Sometimes we even have sex. I much prefer that to doing the dishes, too.  Unlike June Cleaver, we do not own a matching pair of twin beds.

So, if  I appear a little disorganized or messy – if you stop by my house unannounced (or announced) and it looks a little (or a lot) upside down – oops. That just means that I was too busy raising my child or spending time with my husband and preserving my marriage to care.

Personally, I think I have my priorities in check. My drum is the only beat I bounce to.

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I love these two….



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Who woulda thunk it?

Despite my short hair-do and penchant for forgoing make-up in the morning due to rushing to get myself and my toddler out of the house on time (which rarely seems to happen anyway) I have discovered that it is fairly simply to maintain a girly girl status.

makeup#1 – Wear make-up! I purchased a tiny little make-up case for my purse. I may be the last of my friend’s to do this but I was in denial, so shoot me. In said make-up case I have one stick of eyeliner, a tube of mascara, blush, eye shadow, and face powder. In addition to these, I purchased a tiny little make-up brush set for $5. Total for all was probably close to $30 which is chump change when you factor in the reputational response of going to a meeting freshly spruced up and capable looking.

Therefore, if you do not have time to apply make-up at home then take 5 minutes at work.

The picture to the left is not exactly what I have in my purse but its a one-stop shop deal at Target for $39.  


#2 – The Dress.

For all of us pants wearing women the idea of wearing a dress to work begs the question, “Why?”

Well, let me tell you why. First of all, there are some great prices on office appropriate dresses out there! Second, do you know how much faster it is to slip on a dress versus pants, socks, shirt, sweater/jacket. Imagine how much faster you can get out of the house in the morning with 30 second less of dress time. I know, I know – I am being facetious. I think.

Just wear a dress once a week. Trust me. You will love how you feel.


#3 – Take care of your feet! Either get regular pedicures or do your feet at home.

I used to get regular pedicures but in today’s economy I have decided that the $30 every other week is better spent on other things. Additionally, I have discovered that the act of exfoliating and massaging lotion onto my feet and painting my toe nails is actually theraputic.

Especially if I wait until my 19 month old is in bed before I tackle it.

I actually found that finding the time after work or on the weekends to fit in a pedicure and then waiting while it is painstakingly done by the technician so that I can rush to get the baby from whoever was watching her kind of ate away at the ease of having someone else work on my feet.


#4 – This is your contribution. Please recommend what you do to make yourself feel like a girly girl. I don’t have the market cornered here and, as you can probably tell, I need all of the help I can get!

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My soon-to-be 4 year old niece Gabriela was over this afternoon playing with Sophia. During the play I pulled out the  little stuffed horse (I think its a beanie baby) that is currently Sophia’s favorite thing. I think it is adorable! Plus, I love the way Sophia says, “Horshie”.

Gabriela looked at the horse, cocked her head to once side, and says, “But Tia – it doesn’t DO anything.”

Her lack of excitement about this tiny horse took me aback for a minute. But I guess she is right. It doesn’t do anything other than be cute. Geez, though, talk about a generation that is going to be hard to entertain!

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Considering the condition our economy is in, I thought this was an appropriate quote for today.

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

– Ronald Reagan

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Things I never expected to say to my toddler (but have).

Please comment with yours! I would love to hear what surprising things have come out of your mouth when speaking to your child.

Here are some of mine:

#1 – No peeing on the carpet!

#2 – That is your pancake – no sharing with the cat.

#3 – Don’t lick the floor.

#4 – Its time to go home now, we can come back to daycare tomorrow.

#5 – That’s enough broccoli, how about we try some chicken?

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