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An update is more than three months overdue. I have probably lost any regular readers I had because of the lack of activity on this blog. Lets see if I can revive it over the next few weeks and get back into the swing of things.

Life, as always, has been nuts. Work seems to be the same for everyone across the country. Either you are out of work altogether or you are, like me, overworked and underpaid which I suppose is better than the alternative. Blogging has been the least of my worries which is actually reall sad to me because I do enjoy writing and getting my thoughts out there even if there is no one out there reading them. Its quite theraputic.

On to the updates!

Let’s start with Sophia…

Sophia is going to be three years old in just under 2 months. Can you believe it? She is an awesome kid. Doing well at daycare/pre-school and so bright. She is truly the sunshine on any cloudy day. A clown and a cuddler all rolled into one pretty little girl.

We recently moved all of her “baby” furniture out of her room and into what will be her sister’s bedroom. Sophia has taken to her “big girl” room like she has taken to nothing before. She moved from a toddler bed to a twin sized bed. Her changing table dresser was replaced with a dresser and mirror. As she is still Dora the Explorer’s #1 fan…the room was done up, top to bottom, in Dora gear. She never wants to leave her room anymore which is the highest compliment we can get after all the love and thought and money that went into making her room what it is today.

I will be honest, she adapts well to change. Always has. Much better than either her mother or father! I am looking forward to seeing if this personality trait holds up with the arrival of her baby sister in a few weeks! I will be sure to let you know.

Next update, The Pregnancy:

Or should I say, Pregnancies! Yes, PLURAL!

Its been so long that I have added an update that I don’t think I was able to share the amazing news that not only was I pregnant…but so was my sister. We started our pregnancies due just one day apart. Is that amazing or what? As many of you know, though I did not share too many details on this blog, we lost my sister’s daughter Ava in April of last year at 27 weeks. Words cannot describe how difficult this has been, and probably always will be, on our family but especially on my sister and my brother-in-law. So for us to get pregnant at the same time was, to me, a gift from God.

In April, with donations from many of you, we successfully and proudly completed the March of Dimes in Honor of Ava Victoria. I have walked the March of Dimes before but when you do so for a cause that hits so close to home its a different experience. You notice the shirts. You realize what they really mean. I fully expect our family to continue this tradition for many years to come.


My sister and I were barely 4 months pregnant during the March and now are almost 8 months pregnant.

The photo above shows us at 30 weeks along. My sister’s blue shirt denotes the little baby boy rolling around in her belly. My pink shirt indicates that I have another little girl rolling around in mine. Planning for these babies is, seriously, like planning for twins. I don’t know of many sisters who have had the joy of sharing the pregnancy experience as closely as we have been able to. I cannot wait to be able to hold both of these little ones in my arms and am already planning for way too many corny photo shoots. Our mother, on the other hand, is thinking of investing in a helicopter. You see, we are giving birth in two different hospitals, approximately two hours away from each other. September is going to be a very interesting month.

I think I have updated you on all the major points. Its tough to sum up almost 4 months in one blog post but I will promise not to be a stranger and I am sure, now that I am back in the groove, I will have a few more updates over the next few days.

Thanks for making it this far.


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15 Week Update

I am 15 weeks today. I woke up this morning on my back and felt the baby curled up into a hard lump on the right side of my belly. I love when I can feel where the baby is…it makes it all so real and exciting. I am not feeling kicks yet but the flutters and slight pressure is there. I am excited for those kicks to start. I am in full blown maternity clothes and went shopping quite a bit between this weekend and yesterday for work clothes. Its pretty obvious that I am pregnant now so coworkers are asking me left and right without any fear that I will get offended because they are implying I am fat. Hah! Lucky for them. The bump is obvious.

According to my updates, the baby’s ears are starting to work  so he/she should be able to hear me when I speak or sing in the shower. According to www.babycenter.com its about 4 ounces and the size of an apple. However, at my last ultrasound the little booger was measuring a week and one day bigger…so who knows if that applies to us or not. This child seems to be growing to a tune only it can hear.

In super exciting news, we may be able to find out the sex next week. I am officially scheduled for my big u/s on April 22nd but since I am going in on the 8th for bloodwork the tech told me to flag her down and see if we can get a peek at the goods. I hope that works out. I am so dying to know if I am right….or if Sophie is right. 🙂

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And I already feel bad for it in strange little ways. I also feel kooky for feeling bad.

When I found out I was pregnant with Sophie, it was all about this baby growing in my belly. My world, our world, revolved around it.  What would it look like? Would it be a boy or a girl? The thought and preparation that went into this new and small life was immediate and profound. The last two and a half years with her in our life has been just about the same…its all about her. Yeah, sure – we do not let her know that. The kid enjoys being the center of attention enough without realizing that she is the center of our world. I will tell her that when she is older.

But if that was not bad enough (well, I am not entirely sure its bad) this new pregnancy is all about her, too. How will she react? Will she love the baby right away – or will she resent it? Will I be a good mommy of two? Will I be able to give each of my children the same amount of love and affection? Already…I cannot imagine loving anything the way I love Sophia. I know I will but the idea is foreign to me at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong. We are thrilled. We are so totally thrilled and excited about having another child. I am just as amazed with the changes my body is going through this time around. This pregnancy feels very different, almost as if this new baby is already trying to differentiate itself from its older sister. Just like when I was pregnant with Sophie, I am amazed at the love I can feel for a being I have never set eyes on. The movements are just starting to become familiar which is very exciting because I enjoyed that part of being pregnant so much with Sophie. The communication between me and my unborn child. Pregnancy is still an incredible experience.

I realize already that this baby will have a challenge on its hands. It will come into the world as a second child. Me, my husband, our families – we have been here before. It’s not a fresh new experience. I forget I am pregnant at times. I know my family, and friends, do too. It’s this, “ooh, yeah. Thats right” type of thing. My motherly instinct is already in protective mode over this new little person. Sophie had it easy by comparison. She had this path of pink roses before her and practically a choir of angels to greet the first child and grandchild. This baby is being born into utter chaos….a family of three who are happily waiting for it, yes….but chaos nonetheless. No choir of angels this time around. Instead our home echoes cartoons and nursery rhymes spoken at high octaves by a rambunctious (almost) 3-year-old. This baby will have a very strong-willed older sister to butt heads with – while Sophie had no competition whatsoever. As a first-born child myself, I find myself wanting to apologize to my sister.  I sorta kinda stole her thunder didn’t I?

Granted, this is all the anticipation talking. I have no idea how things will go when this baby is born. How we will all react. It could be a path of roses and choir of angels all over again, right? Who knows. It’s an experience I have yet to have. I will make a note to let you know.

In the meantime, my daughter swears that the baby now growing in my belly is a baby girl. If you ask Sophia what she wants to name the baby she replies, “Super Baby.” I think the title is apt. I am currently on a search for a teeny tiny cape.

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Its strange the way things work out. My husband and I have always wanted a family. We have always talked about having around 3 kids (he thinks 4 but I don’t take him seriously). Definitely more than one child.  I went off birth control in March so that I could give me body a few months to adjust to being off “the pill” before we got pregnant with our #2. I did not make a big announcement about it because, well, it took us 6 months to conceive Sophia and I figured the same would be true with any other child we have.

We were surprised to learn we were 6 weeks pregnant in early June. Total shocker. It was not the best surprise at first. Certainly not the excitement we felt when we learned we were pregnant with Sophia. Okay, let me change that “we” to “I” I think my husband was thrilled but for me this pregnancy came with baggage. My sister’s stillbirth still weighed heavily on my mind. Telling her and my family that I was pregnant so soon afterwards was something I dreaded. I had just accepted a new position at work so telling my new boss and coworkers was something else I dreaded. In my mind, it was just bad timing all around. In hindsight, I know I was not as welcoming to the pregnancy as I should have been and a big part of me feels very guilty about that now. In the end, it worked out. I told my sister and my boss and no one reacted with the negativity I was feeling myself. As the weeks passed I got more excited and more used to the idea of welcoming a sibling for Sophia come January. My body started changing quickly. I was eating right, drinking water, taking my pre-natal vitamins. I was exhausted but happy.

At 9.5 weeks pregnant I went for my first doctor’s visit. I went alone because my husband was under the weather (more about that later) and promised to bring home a bright and shiney ultrasound picture of our newest peanut. It was not meant to be. The doctor could not find a heartbeat in the ultrasound. Since the baby was measuring right on target I was sent to have a more indepth and more technologically savvy ultrasound the next day to confirm viabilty. My husband came with me this time. We were worried, scared, and at the same time resigned to the fact that this baby just may not be meant to be. It wasn’t. The specialist called it a missed abortion. I disliked that term immediately. The bottom line is that in normal miscarriages your body aborts the pregnancy on its own. In my case, my body had not realized that anything was wrong yet and was continuing on as if the baby was alive and growing. I was scheduled for a D&C for the very next morning. It all happened very quickly – and I was glad to not prolong a situation that had no happy ending.

I am doing really well. We have our moments when the pang of disappointment hits. When we look at Sophia and all of the “what ifs” float through our brains. Was this a boy or girl? How much would this baby have looked, sounded, or acted like Sophia? However, those thoughts are few and far between. After everything we went through with my sister I know how devastating it can be for something like this to happen later rather than sooner. Or maybe its because it was not my first pregnancy and I know I can get pregnant and stay pregnant to term. I have friends who try for years to get pregnant and then miscarry and know how heart-stopping their disappointment is that this time was not the time either. Whatever the reason – I am glad I am doing well. I am looking forward to getting pregnant again and adding to my family. This pregnancy, this baby was not meant to be – but I will have another child. Sophia will be a big sister. One day. Hopefully soon.

Medically, the doctor says we can start trying again whenever we want to. My husband and I want to give my body a little more time to heal but hope to be pregnant again by the end of the summer.

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On August 5, 2008 my very good friends Lisa and Greg welcomed their second child, Mason Anthony into the world. The new family is doing wonderfully! Big sister Lainey is completely in love with her new baby brother.

Mason weighed 7lbs, 3oz and measured in at 20 inches.


Welcome Mason – I cannot wait to meet you! OXOX.

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and it will be Sophia’s birthday. 4pm, September 26th, 2007.

The hubby and I are relaxing at home, a happy little two-some looking forward to the day we can add a third to our home. Its still amazing to us that this will happen tomorrow with her birth and that by Saturday we will have our own squalling and squealing little bundle of love here at home with us.

Wish us luck. Keep us in your prayers. My next blog will be an introduction of Sophia Victoria and that is a blog I have been waiting 28 years to write.


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As someone who started working fulltime when she was 18 years old and has since not taken any time off – the idea of more than 12 weeks of not having to get up, get dressed, and go into an office is so surreal. I am looking forward to it, though! I know I will not be bored – I will have a newborn that is going to be keeping me very busy and I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to spend some time at home with her before coming back to work. But still – will I get spoiled and wish that I did not have to come back? Or will I be foaming at the mouth for a challenging office job and welcome coming back to work and being around adults all day? Only time will tell how I will feel at the end of my leave.

For now – my desk is clean, the temp is trained, my boss is aware of all odds and ends… Sayonara to all coworkers for 12 weeks, people! Okay, not all 12 weeks – I do plan on bringing the baby by and showing her off but as far as work goes…you know what I mean. I have an ear to ear grin about it, too!

Its time for me to GO!

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