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Those are Sophie’s words, not mine, and she is sticking to it.

We are DONE with diapers. A couple of weeks ago, before Easter weekend, Sophie’s teacher told me to bring plenty of clothes and Sophie in panties on Monday. I have to admit – I did not think Sophie was ready. I had tried a few times at home (and blogged about it) and had no success. To the point that Sophie regressed. Enclosed in those two sentences are some of my most frustrating moments as a parent. It wasn’t pretty. I decided to wait until Sophie gave me the indication that she was ready and apparently, her teacher thought we were there.

I swallowed my doubt and took the, “if you say so” approach. My initial plan of action was to do only what she said – bring Sophie in panties on Monday. Not work with her myself beforehand. But then I started feeling guilty. Did I want to be that mom? If the teacher can do it, so can I. More importantly, if the teacher says Sophie can do it – why should I doubt that Sophie can?

So we did it.

Saturday morning I put Sophie in panties…and she has been in panties ever since. I am still kind of in shock about it and so proud I can barely stand myself. It’s amazing to me that she can go from one extreme to the next without any kind of warning. Well, if she gave a warning, I missed the signs.

I have to admit that, at least initially, I was not so brave to try at night – all night – even though Sophie stayed dry through her nap times. I like to sleep. My weekends are my only time to really sleep. The problem was that Sophie refused to put on a pull-up before bedtime and stated to me, “Diapers are for babies, panties are for big girls.”  Who was I to fight her?  So she went to bed in panties…and about an hour after she fell asleep I snuck in and strapped a pull up over her panties. I felt so guilty about this, too, especially when she would wake up dry the next morning! But I sucked up that guilt and snuck in every night for 6 nights. On the 7th night I let her go pull-up free…and we have only had 2 nighttime accidents since.

Its been two weeks. After the first two days basically accident free, we have had a few accidents here and there. Some at daycare, a few at home, and a couple at night. And that is OKAY! Its normal. It does not frustrate me, it does not stress me out because I know my child is trying and wants to be in panties. I am doing laundry a little more often than I was 2 weeks ago but am ultimately thrilled about it. Talk about a bizarre realization.

There is nothing cuter than my Pookie’s little tush in a pair of Dora the Explorer panties.

We are officially a diaper-free household! Well, once I can figure out who to give all of our left over pull-ups to!


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So after a few good days, a morning dry diaper, poopy in the potty – I thought Sophie was ready to step it up a notch with the potty training. I put her in panties part of Saturday and Sunday and we had lots of accidents. I figured this was normal. Monday night, I also put her in panties. She stayed dry but fought me to even try to go on the potty (which was exactly what she did this weekend). She started getting very frustrated and angry with me if I insisted she try. Her respond, “I don’t have to potty!” I tried stickers for trying. I used her Dora pull-ups as an enticement. Those really only worked on a superficial level. I was not really getting through to her. Between Saturday and Sunday we also had a lot of acting out on her part which I can see now was a direct result of the stress the potty training was putting on her.

I started to suspect that maybe we should take a break but felt like that was “giving up” and thought that was the wrong thing to do. The doubt was there, though. It did not feel right to me – and I know my child, I know her reactions. What really got to me was when I spoke with her teacher and she relayed to me how well Sophie had been doing going to the potty in school but all of a sudden, since Monday morning, she was not going potty for them. She would sit on the toilet for a bit and then jump off and say, “I’m done!”

After that, I definitely felt like my instincts were dead on and we needed to take a break. No pull-ups. No potty. For a couple of weeks unless she showed interest sooner. I told Sophie this, too. I will probably tell her a few times so that she is aware. My kid may be showing physical signs that she is ready for the potty – but she is not showing that she is emotionally ready to keep it up. From what I hear and read, a lot of it is a control thing. Going potty is the one thing they can control. Also, stopping what they are doing to go potty is another control that Sophie is not ready to give up – at least not at home.

To be continued for now…

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We had a very stressful Saturday morning. My little Sophie is a very stubborn child who is prone to do what she wants, when she wants, and not a moment sooner. Since she gets this from mommy – we tend to bang heads a little bit quite often. Saturday morning and three pairs of wet panties within an hour time span (after a great poop success first thing in the morning) put a strain on how we felt about each other. She was frustrated with me for continuing to ask her if she had to go pee-pee to the point that she started answering me with, “No-no-no, Mommy!” I, of course, was frustrated by this but trying my best to paste a patient smile to my face – which I did not think was fooling my smart little miss.

When my hubby suggested a trip to BJ’s to get us all out of the house I grabbed it like a lifeline, got us all dressed, and zoomed us out the door. Halfway through the store my husband and I separate and I am pushing Sophie in the cart when suddenly she looks up and says to me, “Mommy, hug me so much!” which just about melted me on the spot – we hugged tightly and while hugging me she says, “Mommy, I love you so much”. To which I could do nothing more than hug my little two-year old even tighter, respond in kind, and try to stop myself from melting into a puddle on the spot because (hello!) someone needed to push the cart.

I remember when she was an infant wondering how it would feel when she could respond to my “I love you” with an “I love you” of her own back at me. I can sit here know and say that being the recipient of the first I love you, without any coaxing, is breathtakingly magical. It’s these moments, these heart melting moments, that make you forget the pull-your-hair-out-by-the-roots moments and make everything worth it.

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[not for the squeamish – don’t say I didn’t warn you]

It really is amazing what makes a mommy happy.

Lately, it seems the one place Sophie actually wants to sit on a toilet is in public. The first time she did this was about a week ago and it completely took me off guard but since I don’t want to deny her and have her avoid telling me she has to go, I go with it and just hope she really does have to go and is not just bored wherever she is. So far, its been about 50/50 that she either really goes or just sits there. And when she does go, its NEVER poop. She seems to prefer pooping in her diaper (I will never understand that).

Then last night, we decided to eat dinner out. After dinner my husband gets up to use the restroom and I am boxing up the left overs. At that moment, Sophie decides, “I need to go potty” which was really bad timing because then we would be leaving the table alone. I don’t want to try and wait until my husband gets back so instead I track down our waitress and explain that my husband is in the restroom and I need to take my daughter but we will be right back. In other words, we are not skipping out on the bill – and please don’t throw way the leftovers.

I was not sure last night if she really had to go or if she wanted to follow daddy to the bathroom but I went along with it and I am so glad I did because my little girl actually went poopy in the potty. In PUBLIC! She was so funny. I lined the seat with toilet paper and sat her down. She hates going poopy in the potty. She started getting nervous and telling me that she did not like this toilet and that she wanted to get down. I told her to wait one second with me and then she will be able to wipe her bottom and flush. I did not let her get off. And all of a sudden IT HAPPENED. I started clapping and saying WOOHOO! I was so happy that I did not even feel the slightest bit wierd about what I was cheering on. The things you do for your kids…

 She then got really proud and when she finished, I wiped her and then she wiped herself. We put on a new diaper and she says, “I want to see the caca”. Then looks in the toilet, jumps, and said, “Ewww! Mommy, I don’t like caca. I need to flush it! I need to flush it!” It grossed her out – which was pretty funny considering its been going in her diaper for 2 years and the idea never bothered her before. We then washed our hands and left.

I was so proud!!!!! I still am.

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