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An update is more than three months overdue. I have probably lost any regular readers I had because of the lack of activity on this blog. Lets see if I can revive it over the next few weeks and get back into the swing of things.

Life, as always, has been nuts. Work seems to be the same for everyone across the country. Either you are out of work altogether or you are, like me, overworked and underpaid which I suppose is better than the alternative. Blogging has been the least of my worries which is actually reall sad to me because I do enjoy writing and getting my thoughts out there even if there is no one out there reading them. Its quite theraputic.

On to the updates!

Let’s start with Sophia…

Sophia is going to be three years old in just under 2 months. Can you believe it? She is an awesome kid. Doing well at daycare/pre-school and so bright. She is truly the sunshine on any cloudy day. A clown and a cuddler all rolled into one pretty little girl.

We recently moved all of her “baby” furniture out of her room and into what will be her sister’s bedroom. Sophia has taken to her “big girl” room like she has taken to nothing before. She moved from a toddler bed to a twin sized bed. Her changing table dresser was replaced with a dresser and mirror. As she is still Dora the Explorer’s #1 fan…the room was done up, top to bottom, in Dora gear. She never wants to leave her room anymore which is the highest compliment we can get after all the love and thought and money that went into making her room what it is today.

I will be honest, she adapts well to change. Always has. Much better than either her mother or father! I am looking forward to seeing if this personality trait holds up with the arrival of her baby sister in a few weeks! I will be sure to let you know.

Next update, The Pregnancy:

Or should I say, Pregnancies! Yes, PLURAL!

Its been so long that I have added an update that I don’t think I was able to share the amazing news that not only was I pregnant…but so was my sister. We started our pregnancies due just one day apart. Is that amazing or what? As many of you know, though I did not share too many details on this blog, we lost my sister’s daughter Ava in April of last year at 27 weeks. Words cannot describe how difficult this has been, and probably always will be, on our family but especially on my sister and my brother-in-law. So for us to get pregnant at the same time was, to me, a gift from God.

In April, with donations from many of you, we successfully and proudly completed the March of Dimes in Honor of Ava Victoria. I have walked the March of Dimes before but when you do so for a cause that hits so close to home its a different experience. You notice the shirts. You realize what they really mean. I fully expect our family to continue this tradition for many years to come.


My sister and I were barely 4 months pregnant during the March and now are almost 8 months pregnant.

The photo above shows us at 30 weeks along. My sister’s blue shirt denotes the little baby boy rolling around in her belly. My pink shirt indicates that I have another little girl rolling around in mine. Planning for these babies is, seriously, like planning for twins. I don’t know of many sisters who have had the joy of sharing the pregnancy experience as closely as we have been able to. I cannot wait to be able to hold both of these little ones in my arms and am already planning for way too many corny photo shoots. Our mother, on the other hand, is thinking of investing in a helicopter. You see, we are giving birth in two different hospitals, approximately two hours away from each other. September is going to be a very interesting month.

I think I have updated you on all the major points. Its tough to sum up almost 4 months in one blog post but I will promise not to be a stranger and I am sure, now that I am back in the groove, I will have a few more updates over the next few days.

Thanks for making it this far.


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My future zoologist


Sophia recently had a blast touching and playing with wild animals at a show held at her daycare. In this photo she is holding a little fox named Scamp. It was certainly love at first sight for her and I had to share this smile with all of you!

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Other than snapshots taken by family and friends, we had never had a formal family photo session. At least not since my maternity session and while Sophia was able to make a semi-appearance even then, I don’t think a belly bump really counts.

This weekend we went to The Picture People  and had a family portrait taken. We got some fabulous shots of our little lady all by herself. It was a great experience. So much fun! Plus, when we saw how great the pictures came out we were totally blown away. I really recommend this studio for anyone with kids – or pets – or both!

As money was definitely an object – we were only able to purchase 4 of the 15 poses taken. It was a very difficult decision to make but we made it. I hope you enjoy them!

Family pic small

sophia laying down 2 small

Sophia Sitting Small

Sophia - Abel Small

Sophia - Melanie small

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Welcome Christopher Noel!

My first nephew on my husband’s side was born last week. He weighed in at 8lbs 13oz and was 20.25 inches long. He joins two older sisters who instantly fell in love with their “baby boy”. However, Sophia was unimpressed with him the first time she met him. She took a quick look and then ran off to play with her cousins who could play with her back. We gave it another try yesterday. This time she had him all to herself since the girls were at their grandmother’s house and after some initial jealousy when I held him she warmed up to him tremendously. I cannot blame her. He is an awfully cute little guy.




This last photo cracks me up. Sophia has never posed for a photo before without one of us manipulating her arms or legs to get her to stand or sit the way we wanted her to. This time all we said was, “take a picture with Mama and Christopher” and this is how she posed. My little Divette!

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I love these two….



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I borrowed the style of the subject heading from fellow blogger Martha Flynn because it was super appropriate in this case.

I am pretty confident for the most part – no matter how heavy I have gotten I can usually find myself something to wear that makes me feel stylish and pretty. Except for shorts. I hate shorts. My sister got the legs in our family and I got the boobs. The only time I really mind this is in the summer when it is too hot to wear pants in South Florida – then I would trade my boobs for her legs and the way they look in mini-skirt in a half a second. For years and years I have resorted to capris of all shapes and sizes to combat the summer heat. I have occasionally resorted to wearing shorts but I never feel fully comfortable in them as I feel they call undue attention to my thicker than usual legs and thighs. Yes, even at my thinnest. I am not a “shorts” kinda girl. Until now.

melalishashortsI had been under the misconception that Bermuda shorts were a) for “older” women and b) would not be flattering on my frame. I am happy to report that I was wrong! So wrong that my plan is to search out and purchase bermuda shorts in every color and print I can find – this is what I do when I find something I like before it invariable gets discontinued or goes out of style.

I purchased my first pair of Merona brand Bermuda shorts last week after finding some on sale at Target. I decided to bite the bullet and try them on and was thrilled with the result! Not only did they fit but they flattered! Plus, did I mention they were on sale? Yes, from $19.99 to $15.00! I bought two pairs.

The photo to the left says it all. YAY for Bermuda shorts. I recommend them to all girls – thick or not.

(That is my sister next to me – see her great legs?)

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My Happy Sailor

Yes, at times she seems like the happiest kid ever! Until she is not. I much prefer happy and smiley!


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