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Those are Sophie’s words, not mine, and she is sticking to it.

We are DONE with diapers. A couple of weeks ago, before Easter weekend, Sophie’s teacher told me to bring plenty of clothes and Sophie in panties on Monday. I have to admit – I did not think Sophie was ready. I had tried a few times at home (and blogged about it) and had no success. To the point that Sophie regressed. Enclosed in those two sentences are some of my most frustrating moments as a parent. It wasn’t pretty. I decided to wait until Sophie gave me the indication that she was ready and apparently, her teacher thought we were there.

I swallowed my doubt and took the, “if you say so” approach. My initial plan of action was to do only what she said – bring Sophie in panties on Monday. Not work with her myself beforehand. But then I started feeling guilty. Did I want to be that mom? If the teacher can do it, so can I. More importantly, if the teacher says Sophie can do it – why should I doubt that Sophie can?

So we did it.

Saturday morning I put Sophie in panties…and she has been in panties ever since. I am still kind of in shock about it and so proud I can barely stand myself. It’s amazing to me that she can go from one extreme to the next without any kind of warning. Well, if she gave a warning, I missed the signs.

I have to admit that, at least initially, I was not so brave to try at night – all night – even though Sophie stayed dry through her nap times. I like to sleep. My weekends are my only time to really sleep. The problem was that Sophie refused to put on a pull-up before bedtime and stated to me, “Diapers are for babies, panties are for big girls.”  Who was I to fight her?  So she went to bed in panties…and about an hour after she fell asleep I snuck in and strapped a pull up over her panties. I felt so guilty about this, too, especially when she would wake up dry the next morning! But I sucked up that guilt and snuck in every night for 6 nights. On the 7th night I let her go pull-up free…and we have only had 2 nighttime accidents since.

Its been two weeks. After the first two days basically accident free, we have had a few accidents here and there. Some at daycare, a few at home, and a couple at night. And that is OKAY! Its normal. It does not frustrate me, it does not stress me out because I know my child is trying and wants to be in panties. I am doing laundry a little more often than I was 2 weeks ago but am ultimately thrilled about it. Talk about a bizarre realization.

There is nothing cuter than my Pookie’s little tush in a pair of Dora the Explorer panties.

We are officially a diaper-free household! Well, once I can figure out who to give all of our left over pull-ups to!


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Toddler Art Show

Thanks to my friend Martha for that phrase!

Sophia’s daycare is putting on an Art Show today and tomorrow. Yes, yes, and YES, it is just as cute as it sounds. Arts and crafts made by children between the ages of 1 year and 4 years old. Talk about a new definition for the word adorable.

I went during my lunch hour to place my bids and can already tell that there are going to be some knock-out, drag-outs for the adorable scrapbooks Sophia’s teachers created of her class. I put my bid in for the smaller one while eyeing the big one. I think I will wait until closer to the end to put my bid in there. *wink*

In addition to a bag of goodies containing Sophia’s art-work to date, there was a watercolor canvas with touches by all of the children in her class, as well as individual frames displaying tiny hand-prints with a lovely poem and a treasure box with cut outs of each child’s photo. Etc, etc, etc…

The Art Show reminds us parents that each of our children are a work of art in and of themselves. Can I get a big, fat, “Awww” please?

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(side note: How do you like that Wheel of Fortune-esque blog title? Its nice to know that I have a little cleverness hidden away for moments like this and that my mommy brain has not sucked it all out of me…)

We had a HUGE morning, Sophia and Mommy. A little background for new readers: Sophia is in daycare and has been for the last year. She is acclimated to it totally and now rarely cries or whines when I drop her off but still she usually tries to follow me out. I usually walk her back or carry her back to where her teacher and friends hang out in the morning.

Well, this morning she tried to follow me around the corner and it was just me and her in the hallway – she was probably about 6 feet away from me when I turned around and said, “Sophie go back to Ms. Belkis. Have a great day, okay? Bye, bye!” I always try to sound really enthusiastic so that she thinks she is excited about whatever it is I am enthusiastic about this time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Well, for the first time ever my kid backed up, smiled, waved at me and said,”Bah-Bah” and ran around the corner to hang out with the other kids.

I was so proud and so sad at the same time! Proud because she is a big, independent girl. Sad because the mommy in me wouldn’t have minded if she had tried to follow me again…which she didn’t. I realized in one heart stopping moment that the little girl running to play with her friends  is my baby. Dammit, there go the water works! They grow up so fast. Its not even fair.

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Daycare Anecdotes

Yesterday afternoon I picked Sophia up at daycare and Ms. Rosa could not wait to tell me what Sophia did that day. I love hearing these stories because I truly miss my kid while I am at work all day and she is at “school”. Ms. Rosa laughingly recounted watching Sophia watch herself in the skinny mirror they have hanging on the wall. According to Ms. Rosa it seemed as if Sophia was having a full blown conversation with her reflection, laughing, talking with her hands, making faces at herself and everything.

One cannot not help but wonder just what a 16 month old finds to chat with herself about. Whatever the topic, it was awfully cute!

Its hard to believe that Sophia has been in daycare for over 13 months and I am only now realizing that all of those little stories and anecdotes I have been hearing from her teachers should be recorded for posterity! I get a few a week, some worth mentioning and others probably only funny or cute to mom and dad (okay and maybe to the grandparents, too).

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Yes, Sophia is only 16 months old but she is graduating for the second time in her short life later this month. Her first took place at a year old when she moved from the Infant Room in her daycare to the Transition Room which is for babies ages 12 months to 18 months. Honestly, this was a big deal to mommy because in the new room she slept on a cot instead of a crib, ate at a table, was weaned off the bottle, etc. It was not a big deal for the daycare because the only standard they had when moving the babies next door was that they were a year old. If the children are experiencing any delays in crawling or walking – they are be worked out there. Talk about sink or swim! It has its pros and cons – even though us mommies have to address all of the cons first.

As a parent I was so nervous for her! My nerves were eased within days because the caregivers in that room were beyond fabulous and patient and were, truth be told, more teachers than caregivers. Sophie has learned to drink primarily from a sippy cup, she is running and climbing, she is talking up a storm. Essentially, just blossoming in every way I could possibly want her to.

This morning I had a scheduled “Parent/Teacher Conference” with Sophia’s teachers and was told that Sophia is surpassing all of the physical and intellectual developmental goals that are set for a child her age. This is always great news and I was happy to hear it. She is communicating with words and signals, she is stacking blocks, opening doors, climbing, playing independently, learning to eat with a spoon, among other things. Check, check, check. Therefore, at 16 months she is ready to start transitioning to the next room which she will share with babies 18 to 24 months old. AH! Just when I get used to, and count on, the new teachers and their routines and curriculum – I have to get used to a whole new set of teachers and everything that comes along with them.

To my relief, they don’t do this cold turkey. They will slowly start sending her over to play for periods of time next week and if that goes well then she will join them for lunch and naptime. We anticpate this to be about a 10 day process before she is fully transitioned. It also helps that she will not go alone, 3 of Sophia’s “friends” will be moving over at the same time she does. I know Sophie will do great. The kid adapts like nobody’s business. Its me I am worried about, frankly.

What am I going to do when she starts kindergarten?!

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Calling All Daycare Moms!

I happen to be fortunate enough to be able to visit my child’s daycare every day during my lunch hour. This means that while I am there feeding her lunch and playing with her, I am also able to bond with the caregivers in that room. She is 6 months old and this room has 4 teachers who are each assigned to 4 children between the ages 3 months and 12 months.

In the three months since I have been back at work and Sophia has been in daycare I have formed an excellent raport with those ladies. Mostly because I am able to see first hand how much they love their job and each of their charges. On many an occasion I have been approached by my child’s caregiver and given some sort of advice on her care. On more than one occasion I have even been chastised for doing something they disapprove of when it comes to Sophia. The first time that completely threw me for a loop because…wait…isn’t she my child? But then I realized: this is their job. They take just as much pride in their job as I do in mine and part of that is making sure that “their” babies are well taken care of. Instead of getting offended, I was touched. My daughter is clean, she is well fed, she is cared for, she is stimulated, she is rested. All of the things I want her to be – even if I am not the one doing them. And even if they do not do this quite the way I do at home – they do the best they can.

Then I notice the other mommies. Not all of them because, to be honest, most feel as I do. But there are a select few who are obviously disinclined to respect the women who are caring for their children. I’m sorry – but there is no one more deserving of respect and consideration than the woman who is caring for your children. Not only are many of these ladies in at 7am and out at 7pm but they earn a salary close to HALF of what I do and in addition to coming to work all day, changing diapers, soothing crying infants, and teaching right from wrong – they have families of their own, bills to pay, and a life to live.

Job or not – they deserve our consideration and our respect. They are people, too. Yes, they may clean behinds all day long but one of those behinds belongs to your child. One of those mouths they feed is your baby. One of those boo-boos they kiss is your child’s.

This is a wake up call, Moms! Nannies and daycare workers are not a lesser species and do not deserve to be treated with any less respect then you deserve to be treated – quite the contrary.

So, after a long day at work, when you are tired and cranky and go to pick up your child who is rested and happy to see you – spare a “Thank You” and a smile for the person who made sure your child was well cared for all day long. It does not take much and I promise you it goes a long way.

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